Sugar-Project Theme

Sugar-Project is the new CRM Open Source Theme based on and compatible with SuiteCRM. Sugar-Project offers a revolutionary new interface designed as a theme for SuiteCRM. Various new features have been added, users will definitely love them! Additional modules, new views: all Open Source and compatible with SuiteCRM.

A Great look & feel

Fantastic and fully customizable look to improve usability

New GridEdit View

The new GridEdit View to edit records directly in ListView

ListView Details

You can click on any row to obtain details of the record

Sugar-Project is ready for any requirement. Discover all the features!

Sugar-Project Timeline

New Rest Web Services

August 14, 2017

Full integration with the Slim 3.0 platform to offer a new Rest Interface for SuiteCRM.

Telegram Chat Integration

September 4, 2017

Telegram BOTs integrates with your CRM open tickets, upload pictures and much more from your Telegram chats.

Sugar-Project Portal

September 25, 2017

With Sugar-Portal your CRM will integrate a full customer portal: ticketing, knowledgebase and custom modules!

Sugar-Project wasn't built in a day

In the past decade, while developing a significant number or CRM projects, we have firstly been working on SugarCRM CE and then moved onto SuiteCRM. Our goal is to help the internal organization of service companies: timesheets, project management, budgeting and integration with company’s structures and infrastructures. Sugar-Project has been developed on our clients’ wishes and needs and we’d like you to join us to make it better! Take a look at our road map, where we started and what we’d like to build!