4 – PDF report/Excel export of Listview


Print PDF (1 click to print all pages) of any SugarCRM ListView
• Sorting columns in the Report PDF
• Group by with multiple sub-totals and grand-totals
• Reports with calculations: sum, average, count
• Export to Excel (not CSV) of the records of the ListView
• Security in the printing of records: print only records visible to the user
• Compatible with SugarCRM ACLs and Security Suite

How to use SugarPrint

Using SugarPrint is very simple.
SugarPrint is automatically activated in your CRM for all modules and allows you to print  PDFs, export to Excel and display a grid of information in the form.
You do not have to build any report. SugarPrint works on SugarCRM filters and ListView results. By simply activating the icon of SugarPrint, it is possible to print and to process information.

It only works on Listview SugarCRM, each custom module that uses the normal Listview SugarCRM.

Quickly print records with a click

After performing a search on a module, users only have to print in PDF format and later on paper. Obviously, it allows to print all pages with a single click.

With SugarPrint you can activate the Print icon to SugarPrint in Listview and with a click on PDF Report obtain a stylish and professional PDF printable file.

How to create a report

In addition to printing the records in a few seconds you can get a full report in PDF format that makes calculations on the rows and columns of the Listview

To create a report with SugarPrint:

  • Click on SugarPrint icon
  • Modify the report name (if necessary)
  • Go to the Design tab
  • If you desire, Drag the rows to get the order of the columns in the report: from top to bottom or from left to right
  • Select the flags on the columns of interest and columns to group
  • Indicate which of the other columns to perform calculations
  • In the Format tab, specify the format of the PDF file
  • Click PDF report to run the full report

Drag to sort report columns

It is possible to drag any rows (report columns) in order to organise the report columns: top to bottom means left to right columns

Select Group Calc

Select fields you want to show in your report, group by field (first group is topmost row with group by selection) and click to select Summary Average, Count on any numeric or currency field

Date Interval

It Indicates the time interval to group the dates in the report when a date field is used for a group or for a cross-tab report or a graph.

For example, if in a cross-tab report, you select a date range for the columns, and the Month is indicated as the interval, the columns will report the months corresponding to the values of the selected field.

Sorting the records in reports

SugarPrint does not make any sort on records. The report follow the same sort of records present in Listview. Therefore, before using the SugarPrint report button you should verify the lists sorting  and change it by clicking on the column names.

Export from Listview

It allows you to create and view an Excel file, including all ListView data organised in a single workbook.

Follow the following steps:

  1. Activate Report icon on the ListView
  2. Select Export to Excel from the Report type in the dropdown
  3. Change the parameters tab Design (if needed)
  4. Click on Export to Excel