2 – Toolbar and Left Menu


Top Toolbar

Sugar-Project introduces a new Toolbar and adds new features to your CRM. It improves user interface and navigation.

Hide / Show left menu
Quick Search: the standard SuiteCRM search feature.
SugarPrint: PDF print any Listview with reporting features, Export XLS.
Last viewed records
A new Sugar-project Feature: all modules in a new grid. Easy to navigate to any modules
Favorites List
Sticky Notes
Administration (only admin users)

Customize top toolbar

With an easy Admin panel Sugar-Project administrator can add further icons to be linked to internal or external web pages.

Please notice, any icon added in toolbar is for all users,  the ACL of SuiteCRM always block navigation if it is not permitted.

You can add buttons with Toolbar Admin Settings.
Goto Admin > Toolbar Settings. Specify URL, title and select an icon.

You can also specify a new blank target for the page.


Left Menu

On the left of your screen Sugar-Project shows the Menu to navigate your CRM.

At first,  your company logo will appear. The administrator can hide the logo with Sugar-Project Admin features.

The menu follows the navigation paradigm of SuiteCRM so you can see a list of modules with actions on submenu or a list of the groups that your administrator has built for  you.

With Sugar-Project Admin Features the administrator can manage the max number of rows of the menu.

Please notice that the left menu allows the view of more modules than a standard top menu. It is easier to navigate and modern.